Additional Endeavors

When I’m not coaching mindset, dancing around the house in my underwear, speaking about nutrition, or eating plants...

  • I’m a WORLD Traveling House & Pet Sitter with my SOULMATE Best Friend

  • I OWN a home cleansing company with a little fairy I met in a bookstore


The Traveling Vegan Pet Sitters

We are professional animal lovers and we wanna hang out with your pets

  • Experienced with: dogs, cats, birds, chickens rabbits, horses, pigs, donkeys, cows

  • Traveled to: California, Scotland, England, Switzerland

xoxo, Zane + Bethany


The Sanctuary Fairies

Giving you the Fairy home cleansing experience — We travel!

  • Natural cleaning

  • Decluttering & donating

  • Recurring upkeep & maids

  • Home sanctuary living

  • Holistic cleansing bundles

  • Self care & lifestyle products

xoxo, Bethany + Hannah