Energy Healing Card Readings


Your current obstacle, struggle, or block + my personal support

I’m here to help you overcome what’s in your way and show you how you can heal yourself. <3

My signature card reading sessions bring healing energy through tapped-in energy, the help of some beautiful cards and stones, and wonderful soul messages, just for you.

(YOUR ENERGY HEALING CARD READING WILL DELIVERED TO YOUR INBOX. THIS IS NOT A 1:1 CALL. The energy exchange for this offering is $55 — multiple 5s in a row bring wonderful change and transformation! :)

Soul Client Testimonials


Thank you so much for everything. The reading has been super helpful for many reasons, and it also promoted further self-reflection. I usually like to consider myself insightful about my thoughts/behaviors/lessons/battles and this reading helped me dive further.  It helped me realize things that I’ve learned but left behind/kept forgetting, and helped me understand new information.

For instance, the entire process propelled me to see that some things (most things) need to come full circle in order for evolution to occur, and giving permission for transitions to happen. I think in some ways, I was blocking myself, in the literal sense by not completing certain things due to anxiety or giving up or not practicing patience. and this barrier, prevents the circle/cycle from completing.  another important aspect you brought up was that my mindset was in the “lack” mode, interfering with my vision and access to abundance.

The reading you delivered was absolutely wonderful. Being vulnerable, talking to anyone about a primary concern can be a daunting experience. I’m grateful you walked me along the journey. The entire experience was just so pleasant.  It was so comprehensive, incorporating music, stones, decks, all that were particular to the matter. And it was so very personal, with photos, and audio recordings, and texts, as well as memes.

Bethany, I’m so happy that you crossed my path and supported me in this process. You’re awesome! I love and admire you for your health advice. And particularly, I appreciate learning more about the soul aspects through your example and posts. Thank you again, so very much! xoxo



-Keara Torkelson, Young Living essential oils ambassador


"I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Everything that you said was exactly what I needed to hear. My spirit felt lighter, my energy increased, and I gained much needed mental clarity.

I feel like I am able to navigate my life so much more confidently and with a brighter outlook on my future."

-Jared Gregg, Owner of Blue Diamond Fitness


“I LOVE YOU AND I LOVE THIS READING. I am inspired! I’m listening to the voice messages again and it’s ON POINT. You really tapped into exactly it. You really hit the pain points — where MY pain points — are at right now with [food] addiction.

I loved how you did whole the reading and also how you came back with the check-in messages the morning after, too. You gave me a lot of things to think about, you gave me a lot of things that I truly understand now.

Your intuition is RIGHT THERE.”

Laura Verbich, Self-Love + Yoni-Love Coach (Follow Laura on Instagram!)

Instagram + Social Media Shout Outs

-Sarah Steckler, Mindfulness Practitioner

-Sarah Steckler, Mindfulness Practitioner

-Hannah Swanson, Holistic Wellness Mentor

-Hannah Swanson, Holistic Wellness Mentor

-Laura Verbich. Self-Love Coach

-Laura Verbich. Self-Love Coach

Sarah Steckler, Mindful Productivity Blog, Planner, Podcast

Sarah Steckler, Mindful Productivity Blog, Planner, Podcast

Additional audio testimonial from Sarah below! :)

-Sarah Steckler, Mindful Productivity Blog, Planner, Podcast