Connect with your roots by grounding yourself in nature.

There’s just something so special about the fresh air, growing plants all around, the cool earth, and wild colors of leaves and flowers…


Grounding in nature, especially our bare feet and hands playing in dirt, allows our physical bodies to connect to the earth’s energy.

All the feels that come with spending intentional time outside, open and ready to receive, can seriously and totally shift your life into how you REALLY want to live.


We’re spiritual beings, and nature teaches us to allow ourselves to feel that energy in our body.


Together we’ll explore a forest or a local park. I’ll provide you with a special ceremonial tea to start, and then we’ll be off to talk and explore!

We’ll chat about life, nutrition, happiness… whatever is on your mind that you’d like to connect on -- whether that’s  support through a specific struggle or sharing creative ideas for expanding the joy at home.

I’ll lead you through guided mindfulness practices to help you deepen your intuition and come back to your true, authentic self.

Let’s explore nature together!…

Upcoming Locations:
Lenexa, KS: March 20th - April 25th & May 9th - July 16th

1 hour nature walk, snacks & herbal tea, & follow-up email

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This in-person connection the beauty of the natural world can be a wonderful addition to your healthy lifestyle journey.

I’ll see you soon.
xoxo, Bethany