A holistic, in-person reset that really digs deep into your mind, body, and soul.

You’re all in for an experience that totally changes the course of your life. You’re ready to make some shifts to create a your life in a natural flow that feels GOOD.

No more being just “content” or “comfortable” with your home life, nutrition, or mindset... when you know you want more.

When asked how life is going, we’ll turn, “Eh, it’s ok.” to “OMG WHAAAAAAAT HOW IS THIS WONDERFUL LIFE EVEN POSSIBLE YAAAAAAAAY!!!”


This in-home reset IS for you if:

  • You’ve worked with me before and LOVE our conversations

  • You’re on the path to optimal wellness and are ready to TURN THE VOLUME UP

  • You want to dance with dope music while we food prep delicious food together

  • You are so stoked to transform not only your home life, but your entire life

  • You’re pumped to eat strawberries on your couch while talking about animals

  • You feel excited and empowered by the thought of this in-home reset happening in real life!


This experience is NOT for you if:

  • You are not comfortable with me staying in your home

  • You’re looking for a quick fix [We flow; we do not rush or cut corners]

  • You firmly believe gratitude and self-love “don’t work” or that “energy isn’t real”

  • You are not open exploring the benefits of plant-based vegan nutrition 

Bethany Stec

This offering is special, as I’ll becoming to your home and will live WITH you for this experience.

Because these close-knit quarters are imperative for this specific & intentional growth, its very important that we vibe well together.

If you already know we’ll have a blast together, perfect! If we haven’t connected personally yet or you’d like more information, please fill out the inquiry form at the bottom of this page and we’ll go from there together! :)

What’s Included:

  • A

  • B

  • C

  • D

Your Investment:

3 day packages starting at $2k