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Weekly Meal Plans - Eat to Live Daily

This refreshing food is exactly the kind of stuff I ate while I was losing 90 pounds effortlessly… and it’s the food I still eat today!

These meal plans are delicious, so well thought out, vegan, Nutritarian, and free of oil and refined sugar.


Free Love Library

I’ve put together some of my nutrition and lifestyle workbooks, pdfs, video interviews and more.

Download, watch, take notes… and then take action. :)


Young Living Essential Oils

I use these oils topically and in my household cleaning, holistic remedies, and other potions.

My own personal online apothecary store is coming soon! In the mean time…

49560030_739296363109561_1740395656863809536_n.jpg - Dr. Michael Greger

NUTRITIONFACTS.ORG is a science-based public service provided by Dr. Michael Greger, providing free updates on the latest in nutrition research via bite-sized videos. There are more than a thousand videos on nearly every aspect of healthy eating, with new videos and articles uploaded every day.

BTW, Zane and I named our second cat after Dr. Greger and he was SO excited when I told him. :)


Online Besties on Instagram

These babes are Plant-based & vegan, focus on their own self-care, and LOVE helping others heal themselves.

Laura Verbich: Self-Love & Empowerment Coach (Yoni-Love!)
Sarah Steckler: Mindfulness Practitioner & Life Coach (Planners, productivity, podcast!)
Holly McCabe:
Chloe Stein:
Nutrition Artist & Flavor Scientist (RECIPES!!!)
Joanna Otero:
Holistic Health Nurse and Yoga Practitioner

Additional Endeavors

When I’m not coaching mindset, dancing around the house in my underwear, speaking about nutrition, or eating plants...

  • I’m a WORLD Traveling House & Pet Sitter with my SOULMATE Best Friend

  • I OWN a LIFESTYLE cleansing & HOME ORGANIZATION company with a little fairy I met in a bookstore


The Traveling Vegan Pet Sitters

We are professional animal lovers and we wanna hang out with your pets

  • Experienced with: dogs, cats, birds, chickens rabbits, horses, pigs, donkeys, cows

  • Traveled to: California, Scotland, England, Switzerland, and more

xoxo, Zane + Bethany


The Sanctuary Fairies

Giving you the Holistic Lifestyle & in-HOME cleansing experience! We help you create Your Ideal Home Sanctuary Living through:

  • Pantry & kitchen overhauls

  • Decluttering, donating, & organization

  • Mindset & self care

  • Holistic cleansing & lifestyle products

xoxo, Bethany + Hannah