Letters to My Soul Fam




It’s like cosmic energy delivered virtually through the internet.

You feel like there’s something more than just the average, everyday life you see around you...

What is it? You wonder.

You want that extra juice;

That life oh-so in-flow.

How can I feel it more? you wonder.

Maybe you hear light, soft whispers…

What are they? you wonder.

Does anyone know?

You’re intrigued...

What am I talking about? you wonder.

  • I’m talking about feeling feels like self-love you’ve never experienced before, gratitude and forgiveness [especially for yourself] that’s waaaaaaay below surface level.

  • I’m talking about unconditional love for everyone, especially yourself, and creating healthy boundaries that cater to your authentic self.

  • I’m talking about radical self-awareness and a longing for growth to know better and do better for yourself, your health, your family, and the earth.

  • I’m talking about euphoric enjoyment for your life, including the once-mundane repetitive “tasks.”

  • I’m talking about fueling your body with rejuvenating whole food, the way mother earth & nature originally intended.

  • I’m talking about fresh fruits and vegetables, beans and grains, nuts and seeds, and herbs & spices… the natural foods of the universe and what the human body THRIVES on.

  • I’m talking about looking in the mirror and seeing your soul, and thanking your body… and REALLY  loving it all together

  • I’m talking about living and breathing compassion on every level you can think of. We are all one; knowing this, what we focus on grows. Everything and everyone is connected.

You want to talk about it?

Let’s talk about it.


 You know the people that you can just FEEL their energy?

They shine and you feel brighter around them…

and it’s like you’re on the same frequency and they just get you?


If you vibe with the perspectives, awareness, and messages that I share,

and you want to hear, read, and FEEL more…

then you’ll love this.

“When you use words in the way you use them, I feel so completely heard and wrapped up in your presence.

You’re so well written and warm.

Your ideas, your wisdom, the way you explain things and tap in to ME…

I can feel your joy in my life."

Sarah Steckler
Founder of the Mindful Productivity Blog + Podcast


“This lights me up in so many ways and on so many levels!!!

Connectedness... the story... ah, it inspires me to stay connected in this magic place of synchronicity as it’s really easy as an entrepreneur to get so in my “drive” that I disconnect a bit.

Love you, and everything you’re stepping into. I can’t wait to see more.”

Holly McCabe
Spiritual Fit Chick & Founder of Zen in a Bottle CBD


These soul shares are letters to my soul fam.

I tap into YOU, this mini-collective, with intuitive and channeled insight to help support you in your journey.

We’re a collective energy; I tune in to those specific people [you] who are excited to receive the messages and things that I want to share with you!

This offering brings guidance & support for souls on, near, or around our frequency.

If you’re feeling all of this and you’re like YASSSSS, then these channeled streams of conscious light energy [even through struggles!] are most likely for you.

What’s included + join the soul fam:…

  • Monthly messages with at least one of these content streams: ebook, poem or creative writing piece, story/experience + lessons, guided affirmation or meditation, card reading with journal prompts, or recorded audio message.

  • You’ll be able to save + download all of these things as they come for your own personal use.

  • Full access to Bethany’s Conscious Soul Collective community support group on Facebook. This group collective is filled of our sisters & bros all on a similar journey. My presence in the the FB group is intuitive-based via comments, posts, and/or live impromptu videos.

  • Welcome to the Soul Fam letter is sent right after sign up! Then you’ll be set up for the wonderful months to come: community, self-love and growth, and creating your own authentic happiness.

  • Letters To My Soul Fam are sent on the 11th of the month for $11.11/month

  • Please note: This offering is not individualized 1:1 coaching, but collective energy and guidance to support your lifestyle creation + the private Facebook community group for all of my soul clients.


About Your Guide

Hey, I’m Bethany! I am a healing mentor for soul passionate people ready to live a more [w]holistic life.

I support you as you support YOURSELF in your holistic & fresh journey through the modern world.

I specialize in helping others gain radiant, authentic confidence and overcome emotional eating through mindset, whole food nutrition, and creating a lifestyle that fuels their soul.