Speaking & Business Collaborations

I LOVE partnering with fellow health companies & brands to help support OthErs and change the world.

Let’s raise the vibration of the planet Together by connecting to serve Humanity.


Speaking Engagements & Guest Coaching

Your virtual or in-person thing: I’m there.

  • Podcasts, summits, video interviews, and documentaries

  • Health conferences, workshops & retreats

  • Online wellness programs


Affiliate Marketing & Partnerships

If i use or love what you have...

I want to help you SPread The word!


Conscious Business & Lifestyle Support

PersonaL support for Your:

  • Business Mission

  • personal Brand

  • BUsiness EVENT

…and your overall work-life balance


Retreat Co-Host

looking for a retreat Partner to help you host?

Me too! I work with mindful vegans who are holistic lightworkers, life coaches, health mentors, plant-based nutritionists, yogis, sound healers, personal trainers, astrologists, herbalists, self-love advocates, and other natural wellness.