Personal Soul Guidance

Think of it as soul healing love for soul passionate humans


Energy Healing Card Reading

NEed some extra Guidance for something you’re experiencing? I got you.

These brief channeled card readings can bring comfort & clarity. You’ll receive simple action steps (from the cards and from me!) that feel oh-so-in-flow. These card readings are a great addition in promoting your own self-healing and self-growth.

Energy exchange: $55

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Letters to My Soul Fam

We are a collective energy.

In these soul “letters”, I tap into YOU, our soul fam collective, with intuitive and channeled insight to help support you in your ongoing life journey.

This recurring monthly offering brings guidance & support for people on, near, or around the frequency of: self-awareness, growth, self-love, holistic nutrition, community, and love.

Energy exchange: $11.11/month

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In-Home Reset [2-5 days]

I’m gonna come to your house,

sleep on your couch,

and help you transform your life REAL TIME...


Energy exchange: $2k - $5k